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Important information about novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 30th 2020

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Defeating Tennis Elbow In Straight Sets

March 15th 2017

Tennis elbow is a condition that can affect more than just tennis players! Whether you have picked up a racquet or just the remote during the Australian Open, it is important to know the best form of prevention or how to ace your rehabilitation. Afte...Read More


December 14th 2016

Headaches are such a common complaint, we normally just pop some Panad...Read More

The old cliché of 'you need to walk before you run' in preparation for your New Year’s resolutions

November 11th 2016

It is the festive time of the year where we indulge in too much food a...Read More


June 8th 2016

Most of us would have some awareness that posture is important. However, perhaps not releasing just how important. The long term implications of habitual poor posture can have profound effects on body structures such as joints, ligaments, muscles and...Read More

How active are your children?

April 6th 2016

When I reflect on my childhood some of my best memories are of playing...Read More

I thought Golf was easy?

December 2nd 2015

Whether you are the next Tiger Woods with the killer instinct or a wee...Read More

Clinical Pilates – Do you need to ‘Feel the burn’?

November 2nd 2015

Pilates has been the exercise of choice for dancers and gymnasts (and ...Read More

Running Injuries – assessments using new wireless sensor system, DorsaVi

October 20th 2015

We live in a world now where technology is changing so rapidly that we...Read More

The Silent Assassin in Men – Prostate Cancer

August 28th 2015

Normally we men suffer in silence, or put things off until it is absol...Read More

Health is a Journey, not a Destination

July 27th 2015

Life is so busy! We learn to selectively ignore many things – ru...Read More

Are Your Killer Heels Killing More Thank You Think

July 27th 2015

Are you among the millions of women who wear high heels day after day? If so, a study suggests you’re probably causing permanent damaging to your feet and legs. It is that time of the year where we are all busy with weddings, the winter racing ...Read More

Massage…. Luxury or Necessity?

July 27th 2015

Just hearing the word massage can make people smile. So when Physio&rs...Read More

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